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Robby will be offering another round of StrongWoman training! You can definitely tell through his training style that he's a teacher at heart. He's patient, encouraging and wants to get the best performance out of everyone he trains! He also has 10 years of Strongman experience! I was so impressed with how our BBR ladies were prepared, strong and very competitive at the Strongest Southern Belle competition. If you would like to see what StrongWoman is all about and get 2 hours per week of intense training specifically for the Beast of the Bluegrass competition, come join us!!



--We will be offering StrongWoman Training classes to prepare you for the Beast of the Bluegrass (May 16th, Lawrenceburg, KY) Strongman/StrongWoman competition. We are offering 7 Sunday sessions and 1 Saturday session (total of 8 training sessions) beginning this Sunday (March 15th) at 2:00pm. We will not have a class on Easter or Mother's Day. The cost is $10 per class for BBR members, $15 per class for non-BBR members. BBR members can pre-pay for all 8 classes for $70. Non-BBR members can pre-pay for the 8 classes for $100. No refunds. 


Let's get our StrongWoman on!!

Pay for your StrongWoman Training here:

Pay for the Strongest Southern Belle Competiton, $50.00, here:

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