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Robby's love of weightlifting began when he was a freshman in high school in Anderson County. After high school he went on to play football for Georgetown College. During his time there, his strength and conditioning coach (Dave Campbell) introduced him to the sport of Strongman. He (and his twin brother, Davey) both loved Strongman and decided to continue after college graduation. Robby was the KY state co-chair for the North American Strongman Association for 6 years. He's currently the KY state co-chair for the USS (United States Strongman). He was a Western Hills assistant football coach for 2 years and has been the Strength and Conditioning coach for the HCHS football team for 3 years. He has loved this new venture into private group weight training sessions with his BBR Strength Fitness business. He's in his 10th year of teaching--he currently teaches AP Environmental Science at HCHS (and a weightlifting class). Robby is married to Codye McCann and they have two children, Campbell and Barrett. Robby continues to love weightlifting and competing in Strongman Competitions (this is his 10th year of competing). His personal records include a 435 lb bench press, 655 lb deadlift and a 655 lb squat. 


My weightlifting career certainly did not begin in high school or in college. I was actually 30 years old when I decided to join my husband in his love of lifting. After I had our second child I decided to make a lifestyle change and I began eating healthy and running. As I was researching various exercise options, I kept seeing pictures/articles on the benefits of girls lifting heavy. I decided to ask Robby if he would teach me how to bench, squat and deadlift. He said "yes" and I quickly realized what a valuable resource I had (and I quit giving him such a hard for the many hours he spends in the gym!). He trained me for almost a year when the Gossett ladies asked if he would train them as well.... "The Real Housewives of Cynthiana" ladies lifting crew was born. We lifted together for a year and then we entered our first strongwoman competition (we've now competed in 3) and we're close to 2 years of lifting together. On June 1st, 2014 Robby and I started our small group HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions (with 8 awesome ladies) and we are amazed and thrilled with the growth of our business. I'm so excited and humbled to get to be an owner/trainer at BBR and share my love of weightlifting (and healthy eating) with so many wonderful ladies and men in our town. I'm very proud of how far my strength has come--I feel stronger, healthier and more confident thanks to lifting weights. My PRs include a 95 lb bench, 225 lb squat and a 285 lb deadlift. I'm looking forward to helping Robby host the FIRST all-female USS strongwoman competition (Strongest Southern Belle) in Cynthiana in February. My future goals include a 100 lb bench press and a 300 lb deadlift. I'm married to Robby McCann and we have two children, Campbell (10) and Barrett (8). I've been a stay-at-home mom for 5 years.



Adam has been a strength and conditioning coach at HCHS for the past 4 years. He's expanded his training to include the 4:00 Mon/Wed class at BBR. Adam enjoys lifting--some of his PRs include a 350 lb bench, 405 lb squat, 425 lb deadlift. Adam works for Haley Contracting. He is married to the lovely, Jordin Tolle and they have an adorable son, Bekkett.


After graduating from college with a bachelors in Health and Physical education, I came home to teach special education at Northside Elementary. I got married my middle/high school sweetheart (Laura Ashbrook) July 20, 2013 and we are expecting our first child (Amelia Ann Ashbrook) in April.


My training started at a very young age. I began wrestling in the first grade and continued to do so until now. Growing up I was never really into lifting weights as I should have been. I always trained for wrestling by running and doing body weight exercises. It wasn’t until college that I began to fall in love with lifting. Wrestling in college was the biggest challenge of my life; it was the most difficult time period in my life but the most gratifying as well. I started wrestling in college at 157lbs. It was as a rough year, that’s for sure, struggling to keep my record near .500 win percentage was my goal. Going into my sophomore year, it was either give up doing what I love or get bigger, faster, stronger, and win. I continued to get stronger and stronger throughout my wrestling career and ending up finishing my career at 184lbs. I chose the latter, and ever since then I have been committed to training religiously 4-5 days a week. I had many setbacks in my collegiate career as well as my newfound strongman career. I now only see them as bumps in the road and I use them for motivation to continue to grow mentally and physically.


Closing my wrestling career was a very hard thing to do for me. I have always been a competitor and I felt that my avenues for competing were restricted post college. That was until I met Rob. It was ironic that I actually turned to strongman; years after Rob had approached me at The Rock about giving it a try. At the time I was way too busy with summer and training for wrestling so I put it off until four years later.


As far as strongman goes, I am fairly new to the sport. I have grown to love the sport and the comradery that comes along with it. I have competed in three competitions thus far taking a first, second, and injuring myself at Kentucky’s Strongest Man. I am very committed to coming back even better than I was before.


I now help coach football, wrestling, and assist Rob with strength training and conditioning for our high school athletes. I love coaching and mentoring our youth as well as the ladies at BBR. It has always been a passion of mine to coach and be a leader of men/women. I am very grateful for the opportunity to do so with the children of our community as well as the many committed ladies at BBR. The friendships that I have gained through BBR and strongman will last a lifetime, and I am very thankful for Rob introducing me to the sport and for the friendships that I have built through it with Rob, Dexter, and Adam. Where do I see myself in ten years you may ask? I will probably still be coaching, raising a family with four kids, and still competing and wheeling Rob around in a wheelchair since he will be so old…. Ha ha just kidding.


As far as training goes for now. I am now restricted to only upper body lifts, and I have had to transition to the typical body builder approach isolating various muscle groups of the upper body. My personal records to date are: Squat 550lbs, Deadlift- 600lbs, and Bench 350+.


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