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I've always been told that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you make some changes and start living a better/healthier life! Well, it's true, I hit rock bottom and hit it HARD!!! I became a very miserable person who was so uncomfortable with the way they looked, they way they felt and truly wondered if life was worth living! I had never struggled with my weight, never been self conscious about taking pictures of myself or even an unhappy person! However, I became that person in a matter of 6 months! I knew something had to change or I would be headed down a road that I didn't want to battle! I had been battling depression, which lead to gaining 30+ pounds, many sleepless nights, tardiness at work, and a very miserable person to be around! Finally I saw the light on 6/15/14 and decided that I've had enough, I will no longer live like this or be this person! I made a drastic lifestyle change and so happy that I did! I've given up soft drinks & bad food choices, started drinking Shakeology, working out & taking time for me! I started Body by Robby (BBR) 6/17/14 which is a high intensity interval training class (HIIT) where I have pushed myself where I did not think my mind or body could go! I am happy to say that after 4 months (18wks to be exact) I am down 25.6lbs (31lbs from my heaviest) and 27.5inches! I'm 4.4 lbs away from goal weight and there is no stopping me now! THANK YOU to my family, friends, and BBR family for all of your support and helping me stay focused! I've accomplished things that I didn't know were possible! It feels AMAZING!!!!

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